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Financial risk management consulting


Whether you want to develop a corporate risk philosophy or value specific derivative structures, RSD Solutions provides experienced professionals and appropriate tools and models to cater to your needs.


RSD Solutions brings the equivalent benefit to your company of hiring a highly experienced risk management team enabling you to focus on your core business.


​RSD Solutions can assist clients in identifying significant financial risks and understanding the potenital impacts of such risks.  We can also help in explaining these to their CEO's, Boards of Directors, business owners and other interested parties.


​Example assignments:

  • ​provide appropriate recommendations regarding risk management and hedging strategies

  • ​perform sensitivity analyses showing, for example, different interest rate, currency and commodity price scenarios and their impacts on cash flow and reported earnings

  • ​perform regular mark to market and sensitivity analyses for existing derivative positions (futures/forwards, options, swaps, etc.)

  • ​carry out risk audits to identify financial sensitivities and recommend new or improved procedures to ensure that appropriate controls are in place

  • provide guidance on hedge accounting under IFRS 9 / U.S. GAAP

We perform specific assignments for specific needs

  • for the Chief Executive Officer / Board of Directors

  • for the Chief Financial Officer

  • for the Treasurer / finance professional